Moss Dog The Neutral Collection Leash - Pine
Moss Dog The Neutral Collection Leash - Pine

Moss Dog The Neutral Collection Leash - Pine

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Moss Dog Collars is an artisan, handmade dog supply brand creating waterproof and stinkproof dog
accessories. All of their products are made with 100% genuine Biothane® material. Unlike other
silicone and plastic products on the market, beta Biothane® has a soft, leather-like feel, while being
exceptionally durable.

Moss Dog Collars Products are:
● Handcrafted in Saskatchewan
● Durable, Waterproof, & Stinkproof
● Easy to clean
● Great for outdoor adventures
● Long Lasting

The Neutral Collection
Our Neutral Collection is inspired by the warm tones found in nature. This collection features gold
hardware and earthy accents.

Size Guide:
Size Length Width Recommended weight

Small 6ft 1/2" Dogs less than 40lbs

Large 6ft 3/4" Dogs more than 40lbs

Our products are designed to be easily cleaned. Simply wash with warm water, dish soap, and a soft
cloth/sponge whenever needed. Our gear can also be put on the top shelf of your dishwasher, just
make sure to use a no-heat cycle. To maintain the integrity of your collar or leash, avoid excessive
heat and abrasive materials when cleaning. Cleaning our products will not reduce their lifespan as
Biothane® is 100% waterproof; our products are designed to withstand being dragged through the
mud and cleaned on a regular basis.