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Our Story

House of Paws Pet Boutique opened their doors with a promise in mind for the pet parents of Regina and surrounding area. They promised to be “The Pet Boutique of Choice for Progressive Pet Parents.” House of Paws is a “must visit” retail store for canine and feline parents who want better for their pets. The boutique’s wide selection of carefully researched and specifically selected healthy foods and treats as well as a unique selection of pet accessories and pet inspired gift ware makes for a pet lover’s paradise!

One of the first things you’ll notice in the boutique is the exceptional selection of healthy food options available – and not the brands you find in your typical grocery store. House of Paws only works with premium quality foods that are thoroughly researched and hand selected to ensure they are the best option for your pet. House of Paws is diligent in doing the legwork on sourcing the healthiest options for your pet, because if they wouldn’t feed it to their pets, they certainly wouldn’t offer it to yours.

The endless array of pet accessories and unique pet inspired gift ware is where this store really stands out. From the functional to the funky, from the practical to the pawsome, walking around the store is such a fun experience with something different or unique everywhere you look. In a fun twist, the shop has a self-serve coffee and water bar beside their comfortable consultation chairs in front of the fireplace where staff is always on-hand to help customers learn about pet nutrition and find healthy food, treats and items that are best for pets…and their parents!

A first time visit to House of Paws will most definitely be followed by many others! The promise to be the Pet Boutique of Choice for Progressive Pet Parents is taken to heart by every member of the House of Paws team and shows throughout each interaction. House of Paws is not in the business of selling healthy food, they are in the business of keeping your pet healthy through food! There’s a big difference and you’ll feel it the moment you walk in the door!