Our Story

Regina's Trusted Pet Food Experts

House of Paws Pet Boutique opened their doors with a promise in mind for the pet parents of Regina and surrounding area. They promised to be “The Pet Boutique of Choice for Next Generation Pet Parents.” House of Paws is a “must visit” retail store for canine and feline parents who want only the best for their furry family. The boutique’s wide selection of carefully researched and specifically selected healthy food and treats as well as a unique selection of pet accessories not found in other local stores, makes for a pet lover’s paradise!

One of the first things you’ll notice in the boutique is the exceptional selection of healthy food options available – and nothing you'd find in your typical grocery store. House of Paws curates a product offering that only represents the best of the best when it comes to biologically appropriate pet food options. They conduct extensive product research before bringing any items in to their store so you don't have to! The team at House of Paws wants pet parents to be entirely confident when you purchase any product for your pet, it will positively impact your pet's health. It is for this reason, House of Paws does not carry any product containing harmful or controversial ingredients!

House of Paws only offers premium quality foods they thoroughly research and hand select to ensure they are able to offer the best option for your pet. The team at House of Paws are Regina's trusted pet food experts and work extensively with pet parents to create specific meal plans for each pet's unique dietary requirements. They do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach because each furry customer they meet has unique requirements that deserve a personalized approach. House of Paws is diligent in doing the legwork on sourcing only the healthiest options for your pet, because if they wouldn’t feed it to their own pets, they would never recommend it to yours!

The endless array of healthy options and unique pet accessories is where this store really stands out! House of Paws ensures they always have unique and different products for their customers. They know if they stocked the same old products found for pets everywhere else, they would not be able to positively impact the health of the pets they serve. House of Paws is a different breed of pet store on a mission to extend the lives of pets through nutrition and that won't happen by selling mainstream pet products often filled with harmful ingredients.

House of Paws advocates for feeding pets a biologically appropriate diet. They want pets to thrive versus just survive from the food they eat. They know proper nutrition is key to keeping your furry family healthy and that's why they work overtime to empower pet parents with knowledge allowing them to make the best decisions possible for the health of their pets! They know the pet industry is extremely deceptive and very complicated to navigate on your own, which is why they work everyday to create transparency and change the industry for the better! Sharing their knowledge with pet parents is of the utmost importance to them and it is the most effective way they will be able to change the industry!

A first time visit to House of Paws will most definitely be followed by many others! The promise to be the Pet Boutique of Choice for Next Generation Pet Parents is taken to heart by every member of the House of Paws team and shows throughout each customer interaction. House of Paws quickly became Regina's trusted pet food experts winning multiple awards for Regina's Best Pet Food in their first year of business. The customer experience received at House of Paws is second to none which was proven through their nomination in Excellence in Customer Service through the ABEX Awards!

House of Paws is not in the business of selling healthy food, they are in the business of keeping your pet healthy through food! There’s a big difference and you’ll feel it the moment you walk in the door! House of Paws is in fact a very different breed of pet store! You'll notice immediately how much they care for your pet and it will be obvious on your first visit, extending your pet's life through nutrition is their mission which they take very seriously! A visit to House of Paws will have you fall in love with this local gem and ensure it is your pet boutique of choice!