Moss Dog Multiway Leash
Moss Dog Multiway Leash
Moss Dog Multiway Leash
Moss Dog Multiway Leash

Moss Dog Multiway Leash

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Moss Dog Collars is an artisan, handmade dog supply brand creating waterproof and stinkproof dog
accessories. All of their products are made with 100% genuine Biothane® material. Unlike other
silicone and plastic products on the market, beta Biothane® has a soft, leather-like feel, while being
exceptionally durable.

Moss Dog Collars Products are:
● Handcrafted in Saskatchewan
● Durable, Waterproof, & Stinkproof
● Easy to clean
● Great for outdoor adventures
● Long Lasting

Multiway Leash
The multiway leash can be used:
● As a traditional leash
● Worn around the waist
● Worn crossbody style
● To temporarily tie your dog to a table leg or tree
These leashes are perfect for adventures and everyday use! The multiway leash is 7ft long and
features scissor snap clips at both ends of the leash. This leash is size inclusive as it is 100%
adjustable by the wearer. Wearing the leash around the waist or crossbody is only recommended
with dogs that can walk on a loose leash.

Our products are designed to be easily cleaned. Simply wash with warm water, dish soap, and a soft
cloth/sponge whenever needed. Our gear can also be put on the top shelf of your dishwasher, just
make sure to use a no-heat cycle. To maintain the integrity of your collar or leash, avoid excessive
heat and abrasive materials when cleaning. Cleaning our products will not reduce their lifespan as
Biothane® is 100% waterproof; our products are designed to withstand being dragged through the
mud and cleaned on a regular basis.