Beyond the Bag: Kibble Masterclass

Beyond the Bag: Kibble Masterclass

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Beyond the Bag: Kibble Masterclass was broadcast live on Facebook and TikTok June 19th to June 23rd at 2pm til 3pm CST each day. The live videos are uploaded to YouTube for future access.

The Beyond the Bag: Kibble Masterclass course will provide you with all the tools you need to read the label, assess the ingredients, and critically examine the quality of any bag of dry pet food - even your own! Days one and two will be dedicated to understanding the basics and what makes kibble different from other dry options. On day three, you will get a chance to examine your own bag of kibble! We will walk you through how to read the label and assess your bag's quality. On day four, we will cover how to transition your pet to a new food and provide you with useful transitioning tips. Finally, on day five, we will talk about the best ways to boost your pet's bowl, regardless of what you might be feeding today! By the end of this five day semester, you will be equipped with everything you need to examine your own pet food, pick out a new pet food, or even evaluate food right on the store shelves!

Did you want a more immersive semester experience? We got you covered! We've created our first HoP U Final Exam! The exam will comprise four multiple-choice questions, four true or false questions, and one long answer question. The intent of the Final Exam is to provide viewers with a quick review of the content they learned and a fun way to conclude our third HoP U semester.

Anyone interesting in participating in the Final Exam can download the PDF below (answer sheet included). 

Get Your Workbook Here

Get Your Final Exam Here

Did you miss the live class? Are you looking for more HoP U classes? You can watch all our pre-recorded videos on the House of Paws Boutique YouTube channel!

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