Pet Anxiety

Pet Anxiety

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Pet Anxiety was broadcast live on Facebook and TikTok May 10th to May 12th at 2pm til 3pm CST each day. The live videos are uploaded to YouTube for future access.

By the end of this three day course, you will have learned a basic understanding of pet anxiety, be able to identify the signs of stress and anxiety in your own pet, and learn how to overcome and/or manage their anxiety. On day one, we will be discussing everything you need to know about pet anxiety. We will be talking about the difference between acute and chronic stress, the common and uncommon stressful triggers for your pet, and even how your pet's previous experiences might be impacting them! On day two, we will talk about the signs your pet might be experiencing anxiety. We will also talk about the "hidden" or commonly misinterpreted signs of stress in your pet. Finally, on day three, we will be building your pet anxiety toolkit! We will prepare you with all the tools you will need to help your pet overcome or manage their anxiety. We will equip your toolkit with situational, environmental, and emergency tools!


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Did you miss the live class? Are you looking for more HoP U classes? You can watch all our pre-recorded videos on the House of Paws Boutique YouTube channel!

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