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Puppy Guide
Puppy Guide

Puppy Guide

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Puppy Parenthood! If you've just welcomed a furry little bundle of joy into your home, you will definitely want a copy of our detailed Puppy Guide!

This downloadable PDF guide is full of a variety of topics for new puppy parents, as well as interactive worksheets, which come as a seperate downloadable PDF file to help you and your whole family plan in order to set your puppy up for success!

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to bring your puppy home and set up a safe space
  • Setting your puppy up for success
  • All about their required nutrition
  • Basics on puppy training
  • Vet vistits, vaccinations and alternatives
  • How to track your puppy's growth and chart to keep on your growing puppy

This guide is extensive at almost 80 pages in length, full of valuable information for all new puppy parents! If you're excited to bring your new furry little family member home, be sure you've got all the necessary information inlcuded in our Puppy Guide to have a well-mannered, healthy, happy puppy!

Take a sneak peek at the photos to get an idea of what's in the guide!