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Taking responsibility for the health of our families (furry family members too), our water systems, and wildlife is where it all starts. Black Sheep Organics brand of shampoos, ear cleaner, toothpaste, and sprays are made in Vancouver BC, using either natural derived or certified organic ingredients.

The Black Sheep collection is designed for individual coat and skin types, with emphasis on healing and creating optimal health. Shampoos, ear cleaner, toothpaste and sprays are made with organic essential oils, and lend aroma therapeutic benefits, but can also be just plain delicious. And for dogs with allergies, we make an Allergy
Free shampoo as well. One of our personal favourites, is our Off-Leash Spray for Dogs formula made especially for dogs who love off-leash.

One of our core missions as a company is saving the planet, so we're very serious about sustainability. We make it a point to keep current with the latest in sustainable packaging, and we adjust our packaging accordingly. All Black Sheep Organic products are earth friendly and biodegrade in all water types, and will not harm wildlife, so you can take them camping without any worry. Equally as important, we guarantee no animal testing has been done in the creation of any of our products, and we go a step further to ensure no animal testing has been done at any point in the production chain.

Clean and healthy, plain and simple.

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