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AnimalBiome is the leader in microbiome science for companion animals. With one of the largest databases of gut health information in the world, they help thousands of veterinarians and pet parents every month successfully analyze and treat gut microbiome dysbiosis (leaky gut) in companion animals. See how their products can help your cat or dog!

At House of Paws, we believe in the work done by AnimalBiome and have personally worked with them to see the amazing results in our own furry family. There is no other way to test the health of your pet's gut microbiome which is why you will often hear us recommend this option. Additionally, sometimes the gut needs a reset when we see external symptoms our furry guys suffer with. Using the products from AnimalBiome can help with:

  • Digestive Issues
  • Allergies
  • Skin & Coat Issues (excessive itchiness)
  • Bad Breath
  • Behaviour Issues

If you have never had your pet's gut health checked and your furry family is suffering with any of the previously listed ailments, it's time to do a gut check! Once you have received your formal, detailed report, AnimalBiome will provide recommendations for which products of their's will address the issues facing your pet!

New to AnimalBiome

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Second Order

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Returning Customers

If you've already seen the amazing results AnimalBiome can provide your pets and are in need of more of their amazing products, click here to shop with them through our dedicated partner link.