Xylitol is Lethal for Dogs - Know Which Human Products to Watch

Xylitol is lethal for our pets! Many pet parents know to watch for this lethal substance and ensure our pets never have it, but did you know it also goes by a different name? 😬
Xylitol is an artificial sweetener found in many things we consume as humans, though it is not harmful for humans it is LETHAL for dogs! ☠️ We do not recommend feeding ANY artificial sweeteners to the furry guys but especially not xylitol! 🚫
Xylitol is now also known as Birch Sugar, so be sure to read your labels and know with certainty we are never feeding the furry guys xylitol or birch sugar. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that occurs naturally in many fruits, vegetables, and plants — noticeably birch trees. This is why xylitol sometimes hides under the name “birch sugar.” 😳
Here are a few human products that can contain xylitol or birch sugar 👇
🚫 Toothpaste & Mouthwash - always use a PET SAFE toothpaste, never products made for people
🚫 Chocolate & Candy - we don't want to feed the floofs any chocolate or candy ever, just be sure to keep an eye on garbage surfers
🚫 Sugar-free chewing gum - again, we're not feeding them gum but curious pups have been known to find gum in the oddest places
🚫 Meal replacement shakes - same issue as with gum and candy
🚫 Powdered drinks - like Crystal Lite or other "calorie wise" drinks
🚫 Peanut butter - this is a big one because the pups love their PB! Always read the labels or buy them their very own pet safe PB to make sure!
🚫 Flavored gelatin - found in calorie wise jell-o or puddings
🚫 “Skinny” ice cream - this is ok for us, but not the floofs
🚫 Nonfat or sugar-free yogurt or Greek yogurt - this goes back to avoiding any and all artificial sweeteners
🚫 Condiments - many even if they're not labelled as "sugar-free" can contain xylitol
The best thing we can do to keep our pups safe is always read the labels of any human food we're going to share with the floofs! If you see xylitol or birch sugar, NEVER share with the furry guys! 🐾

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