Why You Should Include Raw In Your Pet's Bowl

You've likely heard our pets should eat a raw diet! But why raw? If you've never heard it before, your first response is likely, "eeewww they can't eat actual raw meat...can they?" 🤔
The answer is oh heck ya! When was the last time you saw a wolf barbecuing his meal? 🥩
Though your dog is not a wolf, he does share 99.9% of the same DNA! And I know what you're saying, "we've domesticated our dogs, so they don't eat like wolves"! Domestication of our dogs only relates to their timidness, it did not change their biological make up or dietary requirements! 😲
So why raw? There are multiple health benefits to feeding raw! And before we start, we like to say, "any raw is better than no raw", so do not feel as though it's an all or nothing type situation. Providing even some fresh food in our pet's bowls provides health benefits for them! 👍🏻
Let's take a look at a couple of them! 👇🏻
🥩 Raw food is the most biologically appropriate diet we can feed! Why? Because it is the least processed meal option for our pets! Heat used in processed food can change the composition of fatty acids, amino acids and enzymes used to support your dog's body.
🥩 Raw meat in our pet's bowls can help keep their teeth clean! Why? Because raw meat has the necessary enzymes to keep the chompers nice and shiny! These enzymes work by combating bacteria in the oral cavity which cause stinky dog breath, plaque and tartar build-up, inflammation of the gums and other serious dental health issues. Feeding raw does not omit the need for regular teeth brushing and dental care, but it will prevent rapid bacteria build up in the mouth.
🥩 Raw diets make for better and less poops! Why? The minimal ingredients and high bioavailability allow your dog to digest and use almost all the food’s nutrients efficiently. Without the indigestible fibre content and the excessive carbs of a kibble diet, raw poop will be firmer, less stinky, in smaller quantities and this all benefits the health of their anal glands.
So now if someone asks "Why raw?" you've got three great reasons why you should feed raw! 😀

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