Why you need to serve different food

As pet parents we've been taught changing our pet's diet isn't necessary and it's best to keep them on the same food...for life! This couldn't be further from the truth!

Consider this same situation if we were discussing your diet! How healthy would it be if you ate chicken, every meal, every day for your entire life? Only chicken...for life! You already know that it wouldn't be healthy nor enjoyable, but the important piece is, "it wouldn't be healthy."

Our furry family members, though different from us biologically, do have some similarities when it comes to nutritional requirements. We require a variety of food to nourish our bodies and acquire all the necessary minerals and vitamins. The same is true for cats and dogs!

Rotating proteins is essential in an animal's diet in order to provide them with all the minerals and amino acids that meat provides. Feeding only one protein (one type of food) is not only boring for the animal, it can create dificiencies in the diet, immunity to the nutrients and even allergies to the protein.

Find a food that allows you to rotate the proteins and provide a variety of nutrients and flavors. Your dog or cat will love the variety of anything from turkey to lamb to salmon and they'll nutrionally benefit from their new and improved rotating diet!

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