Why Topping With Raw is Beneficial

Even if your furry family is primarily eating a dry diet, there's no reason we can't top with some fresh options, including raw! There's an old wives' tale out there that suggests you can't serve dry and raw together because they digest at different rates. 😳 That's kind of like saying we can't eat a hamburger with a bun! 🍔
We can eat a hamburger on a bun and the furry guys can eat dry with raw! We like to say, "any raw is better than no raw". Look at this way...when you occasionally eat some fast food, you may try to offset the tasty junk food with a side salad or a glass of milk instead of pop. 🥤
When we replace some of the furry guy's ultra-processed dry diet with even just a little bit of raw or fresh food, we're doing the same thing! We're offsetting a little bit of junk food with a healthier option. That's never a bad thing! ✅
You can top with a balanced raw or a raw food made specifically to compliment an already complete and balanced meal. Whichever way you choose to include raw food into your buffet in the bowl, the furry guy will love it and their gut will thank you! 💙
Remember that raw doesn't have to be an all or nothing approach. Raw feeding is a bit of lifestyle change if you're not used to it, so just like anything else, you can gradually incorporate raw or fresh food into the bowl! 👍
So if you're not currently topping with raw, now you know it's totally safe and healthy and you've got great reasons to start! 😀

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