Why Kitties Need Wet Food

Did you know...kitties are ineffective drinkers! 🐱

What exactly does that mean? It means they take 2200 licks to consume a 1/4 cup of water! 😲

This is another reason we need to ensure kitties eat a moisture rich food everyday, not just as an occasional treat. Moisture rich food can include: 👇

🍤 Wet food

🥩 Raw food

🍗 Freeze dried raw rehydrated with bone broth

🥛 Raw milks

Kitties do not have the same thirst sensations as other mammals that tell them they need to drink, they rely on their diet for hydration! 🥩

Combine that with the fact that they're also ineffective drinkers and it becomes imperative to include moisture rich options into their daily diet for the good of their health! 💙

Many pet parents think their kitties are drinking a lot but when it takes 2200 licks to get a 1/4 cup of water, drinking lots and actually getting hydrated are two different things! 💧

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