Why do dogs eat grass?

Many dogs eat grass and there's different speculations as to why but what our dogs know that we may not, is that grass is a natural source of chlorophyll which has a multitude of important health benefits for them. The problem is, dogs can’t digest grass well enough to benefit from its chlorophyll, even though that's likely the reason they're eating it.

Animals instinctfully know what they require for nutrients, don't get me wrong, we know what's good for us too, that doesn't mean we always eat it and dogs are the same. If your dog could open the fridge, there's no guarantee they'd pull out a bunch of broccoli or kale to get the chlorophyll they're looking for but the fact remains, they should have it!

When our dogs eat chlorophyll, they’re actually helping to build the health of their blood, because the chlorophyll will help replenish their red blood cells. It also helps to cleanse all the cells of the body, fight infection, heal wounds, build the immune system and detoxify all systems, particularly the liver and the digestive system. Additionally, it promotes digestive health – which is why many dogs with acute digestive problems tend to go for the grass.

Many of our canine friends can also benefit from chlorophyll’s double action in both treating and preventing bad breath. Chlorophyll can eliminate odors in the mouth. It also improves digestion, the most likely cause of bad breath in dogs with healthy teeth and gums.

Chlorophyll can increase oxygen utilization within your pet’s body. It also breaks down calcium oxalate stones in the bladder. Importantly, chlorophyll reduces the ability of carcinogens to bind with DNA in the liver and other organs. It also binds to toxic heavy metals, eliminating them from the body before they cause organ damage such as kidney failure.

Dogs have the right idea when it comes to eating grass, but the sad truth is they do this because they have no other source of fresh green plants. The good news is you can provide your dogs and cats with digestible, healthy and delicious treats containing chlorophyll. One easy way to accomplish this is to cut up some green vegetables like spinach, parsley, green beans, sugar peas or Chinese cabbage and sauté them lightly in a small amount of butter to add a healthy treat to supper time!

You can add lightly sautéed or mulched greens directly to your dog’s meal or mix them with banana, yogurt, pumpkin, apple pieces, kefir, etc., and place them in hollowed marrow bones, toys, or even ice cube trays for a yummy frozen treat. Sometimes, you may have to sneak greens into your dog’s diet, cheese and eggs can be the best means of disguise in these instances.

If you're not already incorporating chlorophyll into your pet's diet, now you know the benefits it provides and why you should be! You also know why we often see our cute little carnivores grazing in the back yard!

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