Where did kibble come from?

Have you ever wondered why pets eat kibble? We don't see wolves dragging bags of kibble back to their dens and this comparison is relevant because dogs and wolves share 98.8% of the same DNA.

Kibble is a solution man came up with to address his own problem, not to provide complete nutrition for our animal companions. In the 1940's during the war, meat and metal were both being rationed. Metal was needed for bullets, so man needed to find a different way to package pet food that was traditionally a canned wet food in order to use the metal in the war effort and from this time in history, kibble was born!

Wet food couldn't be packaged in bags, so man determined if he extruded all of the moisture out of the food and processed it at extreme temperatures, a dry small pellet that could be sprayed with chemicals to try and reintroduce some sort of nutrition could be manufactured and passed off as food in a bag, solving the problem of reserving metal for bullets versus packaging pet food.

For almost 80 years we have been told kibble is the food our pets should eat. Many pet parents are self educating and learning that biologically appropriate diets are a far better choice to improve and maintain our pet's health. There are better options when it comes to what we serve our furry family members. If you're looking to improve your pet's health and to move them closer to their ancestrial diet, we're happy to help you and your pet!

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