What the pet food industry doesn't want you to know

What is kibble? When it comes right down to it, whether it's a premium kibble or a subpar kibble, kibble is kibble! Regardless of what the pet food industry wants us to believe, kibble is not food. It's not chow, it's not a meal, it's not's kibble!

So if it's not any of the things listed above, what is it? Kibble is an extremely processed product, made largely from the waste of the human food industry, that is deemed "not suitable for human consumption" and is turned into "pet feed", yes FEED because that is the correct term used to describe a product made to be fed to animals! If it was suitable for humans, it could then be called food. 

There is a significant difference between what is considered human quality and what is not. In some instances, it's actually scary what is allowed to go into a bag of kibble! Moldy, rotting ingredients, rendered meat from diseased or sick animals or worse! The dirty secrets in the bag are never pictured on the bag so it's not easy to actually tell what you're feeding your pet by looking at the bag and the pellets inside. 

Unfortunately, that beautiful fresh piece of salmon or turkey on the front of the bag, is more likely to be heads, tails and other parts of the animal you'd never see in your local grocery store. Those delicious looking fruits and veggies pictured on the bag look great, too bad less than 1% of the entire bag is made up of those fruits and veggies! Finally, in many bags of kibble, the main source of protein is an animal meal which is meat that's been processed to the point that it's merely powder. They don't show that on the bag!

If kibble were actually food, it would not be allowed to sit beside bleach, shampoo, soap or any other chemicals like it does today in grocery stores all over the world. No human food is allowed to be displayed in these aisles, so why is it ok to put "food" for our beloved pets there?

It really doesn't matter whether the kibble is made from salmon, beef, chicken or kangaroo, kibble is kibble and regardless of the ingredients, it's a highly processed concoction that is made with waste not suitable for human consumption. If it's not good enough or safe enough for you, why is it ok for your animal companion?

If you have questions about what you're feeding your pets, want to explore a different option or just want to make sure you're serving the best thing possible, we're always happy to help!

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