What Is Type Of Food Is Best For Your Dog?

As with most things, we have good options, better options and the best options! The same holds true for the different types of pet food available! And by good, better, best we are referring to how biologically appropriate a food option is! 🐾
All pet parents want the best for their furry families and we want to be respectful of everyone's budget! This is why we offer the best of the best in each category of food so that all pet parents can feed a combination of foods that are within their budget and provide the best nutrition for their furry guys! 😀
So what makes one type of food more biologically appropriate than the other? When it comes to our pets, the best choices we can make for their diet include providing as fresh a diet as we can with variety! The closer we can get to replicating Mother Nature's intentions the better it is for our pets! ✅
Let's look at our options from the least biologically appropriate to the most biologically appropriate!
🐾 Premium Kibble is the most processed option we can feed our furry guys which also makes it the least biologically appropriate. That doesn't mean all kibble is bad, it just means when we're choosing a kibble, we only want to select a premium brand of kibble that is protein rich, nutrient dense and low carb, then we can add to it to improve our premium option!
📌 Currently about 80% of pet parents serve kibble, so if your furry family is eating kibble, make sure it is a Grade A kibble! You can always assess your kibble with our Kibble Grading Tool! 👇🏻
Click here to grade your kibble!
🥫 Canned food is next on the list! Premium canned food is a slightly better option than kibble due to the processing being reduced and the additional moisture available in the food. Canned food can be an expensive option if it makes up the entire meal, so adding canned food to our premium kibble is always a great option!
🐾 Dehydrated food lands two spots above kibble. When foods are dehydrated, the processing is minimized by reducing the amount of heat required to make the food. This makes dehydrated food, less processed and more biologically appropriate!
🥘 Gently Cooked is our next best option! Again, as with all foods the reason this food is higher up the list is because the processing is reduced and the food is gently cooked sous vide style! Not only is it more biologically appropriate, the furry guys always love it!
❄️ Freeze Dried foods are the second best option we can buy as a meal or a topper for our furry guys when we're looking at biological appropriateness! Freeze-drying retains nutritional value better than other drying methods and is a minimally processed food option!
🥩 Commercial Raw is the best option we can buy our furry guys as it is the most biologically appropriate meal we can serve! The raw ingredients are prepared and frozen. Once thawed they provide all the nutrition our furry guys need!
So you can see that pet food has come a long way and offers a variety of choices for pet parents to ensure they're serving the best meal to their furry guys that is still within their budget! 👍🏻

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