What a Furry Grazer is Trying to Tell You

Do you have a furry grazer in your house? 😳

Many pet parents are reluctant to change foods, or add something other than dry food to the dish because their pet just kind of "grazes" on their food. 😬

Here's why grazing isn't necessarily a good thing and what a grazing furry guy might be trying to tell you! ⬇️

Grazing for a facultative carnivore or scavenging carnivore which is what dogs are classified as, is not their instinctual behavior. When you don't know when your next meal is coming, you eat when you can! 🥩 In other words, grazing isn't natural in their world.

Grazing is often an indication of boredom and lack of interest in the food we're eating. Think of it like this...if you were served your most favorite meal in the whole world, would you casually pick at it then walk away and maybe come back to graze on it throughout the day? You wouldn't! And neither would our furry guys if they truly loved their food! 💙

Food is such a big part of their lives, we want them to absolutely love it! You've heard the saying, "variety is the spice of life!" Well that saying totally applies to our pets and their meals! When they get to look forward to something different everyday and they love it every time, there will be no grazing! ✅

Our pets are meat eaters! Meat eaters require primarily a meat diet, though they can survive on plant material it is not their biological diet. The key word is "survive." We want our pets to thrive from the food in their bowl, not just survive. To thrive is to grow vigorously. To survive means simply to stay alive. We want to ensure we're always providing a diet that allows them to thrive! 😀

If we've got a grazer, they're likely surviving. They're eating because they have to, not because they want to and that's a big difference! When they love their food, there's no grazing because they're getting their favorite meal everyday and they're getting variety! 🤩

If you had to eat nothing but chicken and broccoli everyday for the next six months, you wouldn't look forward to meal time either. Spice it up for your furry family! Add variety to the bowl and find foods they love that allow them to thrive! 🥰

We love hearing about the furries who have switched it up and are loving their food! It means we're accomplishing our mission of getting as many pets on healthy food as possible and seeing them thrive! If your furry family has found their favorite food in our house, tell us all about it! ⬇️ We love hearing how much they love their food! 💙

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