We're the First Store in Canada to Carry smallbatch!

We are so proud to be the very first store in Canada to carry smallbatch! 🥳

We have been working on getting smallbatch into Canada for over a year and we finally made it happen! Now, you might be asking what's up with this smallbatch and why is it so important that it's in Canada? 🤔

smallbatch, and yes that is really how it's spelled, all small letters with no spaces is literally the best of the best when it comes to premium nutrition for your pet! We have made it our mission to only carry the best of the best when it comes to products for your pet and smallbatch meets that requirement and then some! Check out why we love this food and why you and your furry family will too! 👇

🥩 Humanely harvested human grade meat! So what does that mean? If you can't buy it in the grocery store, it won't be in smallbatch! That's right! The same meat we buy for ourselves is the only meat smallbatch uses to make their recipes!

🥦 100% organic produce is the only produce smallbatch will use in their recipes! There is a term in the pet food industry for produce used in many pet foods called "seconds". Seconds are the damaged, rotten or any produce that is deemed not consumable by people. smallbatch refuses to use any seconds in their food, it's only 100% organic produce!

So why does 100% organic produce make a difference? 👇

  • It is fresher
  • It is free from chemical and pesticides
  • It is free from GMOs
  • It is healthier and more nutrient dense
  • Organic produce is more sustainable
  • It supports local farmers directly
  • It preserves the environment
🐺 We all know our dogs aren't wolves and our kitties aren't tigers, but, they do share the same biology regarding their digestive tract!
Many Pet Parents who serve a fresh, raw food diet serve a diet that replicates Mother Nature's intended diet. This is often times referred to as a Prey Model Diet. smallbatch has created convenient pre-made recipes that are based on a Prey Model Diet. That means, we're getting as close to our pet's intended diet as we can without having to be the one to put together a bowl of body parts!
💎 Pure proteins! smallbatch makes their recipes with pure proteins and nothing else! If the front of the bag says it's lamb, it's only lamb in the bag. This is fantastic for furry guys who may suffer with allergies. Many foods mix their proteins which can make it tough for a fresh fed furry guy with different allergies. You can trust, the only protein in each bag, is the protein listed on the outside!
💚 Finally, their name literally says it all! smallbatch is prepared in small batches versus being mass produced. This allows them to monitor production, have strict quality control measures in place and keep their food consistently made!
smallbatch offers a variety of scrumptiousness for any furry guy! Check out their line up! 👇
🐾 Fresh frozen meals in a variety of proteins and sizing options
🐾 Freeze dried raw in the exact same recipes as their frozen it's just freeze dried
🐾 Freeze dried bites, the purrfect topper or treat for puppers or kitties
🐾 Freeze dried treats that are pure protein and amazing for any of our furry customers eating kibble. smallbatch has five options of freeze dried hearts for treating all of the furry guys
🐾 Organic bone broth! Coming Soon!
We are super excited to be the first store in Canada to carry smallbatch and the results are in...the furry guys who have tried it are loving it! Pop by to grab a sample for your furry guys and see just how much they love this amazing new food! 🥰

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