Unlock the Secret to Your Pet's Health by Rotating Your Pet Food Brand!

When was the last time you were told to rotate your pet's brand of food? If you've been with us a while, you've likely heard us say it...a lot! However, if you listen to the big pet food manufacturers, they'll tell you "find a food your pet will eat and stick with it for a lifetime!" 😳 

That is by far the most ridiculous thing anyone could ever say, but there is a method to their madness! The reason the big pet food manufacturers and some pet stores will tell you this money! Yes, that's! 😡

You see, the big pet food manufacturers aren't concerned if feeding your pet the same thing their entire life is the best thing for your pet's health, they're more concerned with capturing your pet food dollars, for a lifetime,  but they're banking on YOUR lifetime! Not the lifetime of your pet! 😤

If you feed their food to your first pet, chances are good you'll feed it to every pet you're blessed to have for the rest of your life. So they're banking on YOUR lifetime and all the money they'll make off you feeding the same pet food for your entire life! 🤯

Let's take a look at this from your pet's perspective and more importantly how rotation of brands will positively impact their health! 👇

Imagine eating the same meal every day for months or years on end. Not only would it become monotonous, but it could also lead to nutritional gaps or excesses. The same principle applies to our pets. Rotating proteins, food types, brands, and supplements ensures a rich and varied diet, crucial for providing all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your pet needs to thrive! ✅

Rotating brands also helps prevent the development of food sensitivities and allergies, promoting a more resilient digestive system. Plus, we're offering a more natural diet with diversity because our pets were never meant to eat the same thing day in and day out. Think about a wolf who's fending for himself in the wild, he is not eating chicken every day for his whole life! He may hunt a chicken today, a deer tomorrow, find some fish the next day and catch a rabbit the day after that! The point is, Mother Nature intended for our dogs and cats to have a diverse diet full of variety and she had a very good reason for it! 👇

Each protein offers a unique variety of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and amino acids. Our dogs and cats require 22 amino acids to thrive! Dogs manufacture 12 essential amino acids on their own and rely on animal proteins for the other 10. Cats synthesize 11 essential amino acids and rely on protein for the other 11. Taurine is the amino acid that kitties are unable to manufacture where our pups can. 🐾

When we rotate proteins, we are ensuring we are providing all of the nutrients and most importantly, the amino acids our dogs and cats need to thrive! Now, we started by highlighting the importance of rotating your pet food brand and you might be thinking, if you rotate proteins, that should be sufficient, but here's why it's not! 👇

Firstly, it's important that you select quality brands to rotate or incorporate into the same meal. While providing various proteins and different food types is beneficial, brand rotation is particularly vital. No pet should consume the same brand without variety for more than six months, not of food or supplements. Different brands of pet food have their own unique nutrient profiles and quality of vitamins, by rotating brands, you ensure your pet gets a wider variety of essential nutrients. At a minimum, if you're not already mixing up the brands you serve, either by incorporating variety into the bowl or rotating, you should be changing your brand every six months. ✅

Providing regular variety is not only more enjoyable for your pet, it offers some other great health benefits! 👇

🐾 Diversity keeps the digestive track alert and ready for anything

🐾 We can avoid being in a situation where something has happened to your food and "it's the only food your pet will eat"

🐾 Serving quality food in your rotation ensures we're providing the right amount of all vitamins, minerals and amino acids

🐾 Regular rotation reduces the likelihood of allergies or intolerances

🐾 A diverse diet ensures your pet can eat anything you offer without having to transition - think about our diets, we don't have to transition to new food because we eat something different everyday, our pets should be the same, the way Mother Nature intended it to be

You may be thinking this only applies to pets who eat a dry diet, but it actually applies to all diets! Whether you serve a quality dry food, dehydrated, freeze dried or raw food, rotation of quality brands is key to ensuring you keep your pet as healthy as possible! 🩵

Where to Start

If you're feeding a particular brand and have been for a while, incorporating a new brand into the mix can be your first step! As is always the case with our furry guys who have been eating the same thing for an extended period of time, gradual incorporation of new and exciting yummy additions is key! This applies to all types of food.

If you'd prefer to stick to one brand at a time, consider changing your brands every three to six months, being mindful of the fact that we don't want to serve the same brand for more than six months. Be sure to have 4-6 different quality brands you can rotate through. This is also great for furry guys who travel with you! If you have a diverse selection of quality brands to choose from, you should always be able to find food for them as they vacay wherever you may go!

Choosing quality brands is easier than it ever has been! Not too long ago, quality brands were few and far between, however nowadays we have lots of options for our furry family and lots of great companies who truly care about the health of our pets and are companies we can trust! 👍

If you're feeding a dry food, you can always assess it's quality with our easy to use kibble grading tool. Though we called it What Grade is My Kibble, it works with all dry foods. Be sure any dry option you choose to feed is a Grade A! We don't want to feed the furry guys anything less than a Grade A dry food!

If you're feeding your furry family a fresh whole food diet, typically found in the freezer, be sure the food you're feeding has no red flags! You can check out our Red Flags of Raw to ensure the raw food you're feeding has no red flags, which is a good indication you're feeding a quality food!

A diverse diet is the goal for all of our furry family members! Rotation is key! Rotate your proteins, your food types, your brands and your supplements on a regular basis and you'll be improving the health of your furry guy with each bowl you serve! 🩵🐾

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