Toxic Ingredient in Pet Food & Treats

You may have heard us talking about titanium dioxide and we want to make sure everyone knows to not only watch for this ingredient, but also avoid it and be sure you're not feeding it to the furry guys! 📛

Titanium dioxide is a whiting agent that "should no longer be considered safe for consumption due to concerns over its ability to damage DNA" as per the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). The very heartbreaking truth is some of the most popular pet food and treats on the market today contain this lethal ingredient. Brands that are using this ingredient may not use it in all of their formulas so it's critical we check the labels to make sure we're never feeding anything containing titanium dioxide. 

If you're feeding any food or treats from:

📛 Hill's

📛 Milkbone

📛 Kibbles n' Bits

📛 Meow Mix

📛 Ol'Roy

Be sure to check the ingredients and know for a fact, the product does NOT contain titanium dioxide. 

It's always smart to check the ingredients on all food we feed to or share with the furry guys! Very much like we check our own labels, we need to always check the food and treats that we're buying for the furry guys! 💙

If you have bought any of the products containing titanium dioxide, immediately stop feeding it to your furry family and look for a better option. If you ever have questions or need help finding better options, we're happy to be of service! 🥰

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