They Know and They're Not Saying Anything!

You may have seen the many reports from Pet Parents on social media about their poor pets getting extremely sick and some actually passing while eating Purina. The most disturbing fact is that Purina has been contacted by several Pet Parents and they're not saying anything to warn others and they haven't issued a recall. They may not be saying anything, but we are!

What You Need to Know
Since December 5, 2023 a group on Facebook dedicated to helping Pet Parents make good decisions for their pet's diet, 'Saving Pets One Pet @ A Time' has had reports from Pet Parents of over 200 pets that have become sick from eating Purina food, over 60 of which have passed. These were healthy, vibrant animals!
There is not one specific formula that is making pets sick, it seems to be from all different types of Purina, with Purina Pro Plan being the most common. If you or someone you know is feeding this food, we recommend you stop feeding it immediately! Do NOT wait until your pet gets sick or Purina issues a recall, they are not responding to this quickly or taking it seriously.
What You Can Do
🌀 You can join the Facebook group 'Saving Pets One Pet @ A Time' for additional information, resources and to see the heartbreaking stories from Pet Parents who were feeding Purina and the responses they've received.
🌀 If you are or were feeding Purina and your pet has become sick or you realize something is off, stop feeding the food immediately. Post in the group above what your pet's current diet is and medical conditions and if you've contacted your vet or Purina.
🌀 Detox your pet to eliminate any toxins. You can detox your pet by including Milk Thistle in their new food. Know the symptoms to watch out for: Lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle weakness and seizures.
🌀 Save the pet food. Do NOT release it to Purina in any circumstance.

🌀 Contact your vet and request a copy of your pet's medical records. Ask your vet to report your concerns to Purina. 
🌀 In Canada, report it to the CFIA and in the USA report it to the FDA.

🌀 Report it to Purina 
🌀 Do NOT agree to send Purina the food. If you feel compelled to do so, only send a small portion. Keep the rest of the food in the freezer.

🌀 Do NOT send your pet's medical records to Purina.

🌀 Document your conversation with Purina.
Other Things You Should Know
Purina may eventually say they will pay your vet bills and reimburse you for your pet food. If you agree to this they will ask you to sign a form which will prohibit you from taking legal action. Eventually, if there is a class action lawsuit you will be unable to join if you do this or if you want to file your own lawsuit. 
Consider getting your pet food tested. This would be helpful if you want to pursue legal action. Purina has already been notified by numerous pet owners and they have not done anything to alert unsuspecting Pet Parents. Initially, they were offering to reimburse pet owners for their pet food. Currently, they are offering Pet Parents $10 in coupons (which is what Hills offered Pet Parents who lost pets to their recall that took them four months to announce while thousands of animals died) and having a third party contact the pet parents.
Eventually, we may see Purina pet food become “unavailable” on store shelves. This is called a silent recall. The pet food manufacturer doesn’t want to admit there is a problem with the product, so they start pulling the products off the shelves quietly. (Many manufacturers do this including Hills 60 days before their recall).
Need to Change Your Pet's Food?
If you've been with us for a while, you already know we're extremely particular about the food we carry and we ensure to only carry the best of the best when it comes to food for your furry family! We do extensive research on all of our brands so you are able to shop with confidence, knowing any product you purchase will positively impact the health of your pet. You can view the food we trust here.
Not only do we want to ensure you are empowered with as much knowledge as possible when it comes to your pet's diet, we are always mindful of your budget. We want to set you up to win and more importantly, we want to extend the life of your pet through nutrition which means we will work with you one-on-one to find the best option for your furry family and we will ensure you are comfortable not only feeding the food but that you know exactly how the food will benefit your furry family.
If you or anyone you know are feeding Purina, please stop feeding the food and share this information. Our pet's lives depend on it.

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