The Most Dangerous Christmas Gift for Dogs

Just say no! 🚫

Whether it's a Rawhide bone, stick, roll, knot or stuffed Rawhide product, it's ALL Rawhide and it's ALL dangerous! No Rawhide is good Rawhide! Period! ☠️

During the holidays, Rawhide sales are through the roof! Why? Because people want to "get something for the dog". Whether it's their dog, or a friend's dog, they're just trying to be thoughtful, unfortunately they just don't realize how deadly Rawhide is! 😬

🚫 Rawhide is NOT a by-product of the meat industry

🚫 Rawhide is a by-product of the leather industry

🚫 Rawhide is manufactured using toxic chemicals such as; formaldehyde, lye, bleach and paint

🚫 Rawhide is NOT digestible

🚫 Rawhide can cause digestive blockages that require surgery or could cost your pet their life

There is absolutely no good reason for Rawhide to be on the market. You'll not only see it being sold at many stores but we're also seeing giveaways and contests with Rawhide as the "prize"! 😳 Prize?!?! A trip to the vet is no prize!

It's not a prize! It's not a good giveaway! It's not a gift! It's one of the most dangerous products on the market! ☠️

Please do not give Rawhide for Christmas and if you receive it, thank your well-intentioned friend and put the Rawhide in the only place it belongs! The garbage!! 👍

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