The Dirty Little Secret in Pet's Weight Loss Food

Before we talk about weight loss food for pets, whether it's prescription or grocery store food, ask yourself if there is one fully balanced, healthy food you could eat for the rest of your life to lose or maintain your weight. You'd be thinking for a while, or maybe you know right away! There's not a single food you could eat for the rest of your life that would provide you sufficient nutrition and work to maintain optimal weight! 😲

So what is it about weight loss pet food that appears to help our furry guys shed a few pounds and maintain a trim physique? You might be surprised to know, the dirty little secret ingredient used in weight management pet food is essentially sawdust! Of course it's not listed as sawdust on the ingredient panel, who would knowingly feed their pet sawdust? 😬

If your pet is eating a weight management food, whether it's prescription food or grocery store food, flip that bag over and look for an ingredient called "powdered cellulose". Powdered cellulose is finely ground wood pulp, essentially sawdust. It is a non-digestible plant fiber and provides no nutritional value to our pets. We don't want to feed it to them! 🚫

Cellulose used in our pet's food is derived from pine trees and contains a tremendous amount of insoluble fiber. Too much cellulose can interfere with our pet's ability to digest and assimilate important nutrients like protein and minerals which they need to thrive!

The idea behind using sawdust or cellulose in the food is that the animal eats less and feels full, thereby losing weight and the big pet food manufactures would have us believe it's because of their food! No it's not, it's because we've just filled our pet full of sawdust! 😡

So what is the best way to ensure we keep our pets slim and trim and most importantly, healthy? 💪 Healthy food, with portion control and exercise! Just as it is for us!

🐾 We want to ensure we are feeding to our pet's ideal weight if they need to shed a few pounds, not their current weight.

🐾 We also want to limit the treats! Use cruciferous veggies for treats if you can or single ingredient meat treats. Make sure they are just a treat, meaning infrequently!

🐾 Get those furry legs moving and get some exercise! If your furry guy would love to go for long walks, but being overweight is preventing that, go for multiple short walks a couple of times a day!

We wouldn't want to eat sawdust to lose weight and our pets don't either! Let's fill their furry tummies with healthy, nutritious options and get them to their ideal weight the good old fashioned way! Proper diet and exercise! 😊

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