The Dark Side Of Processed Pet Food

It's a good question! No doctor or nutritionist in the world would tell you to eat a completely processed diet for your entire life! So what sense does it make that our pets could live their best lives and be totally healthy eating only a processed diet? 😳
Heavily processed foods often include:
🍭 Unhealthy levels of sugar
🍟 Artificial ingredients
🍰 The wrong kinds fat
These ingredients might make the food taste good for our furry guys, but too much of them can lead to serious health issues like obesity, heart disease and diabetes.
Heavily processed foods also:
🍕 Lack nutritional value
Extreme processing of our furry family's food strips away the basic nutrients of the food leaving it as something that will "fill the void" but not beneficial to nourishing a furry body.
Heavily processed foods are also:
🍫 Calorie dense and can be addicting
A highly processed food often contains more calories than we realize and can lead to over indulging on calories while not consuming a good amount of food. The high amount of carbs in traditional processed foods turns to sugar when consumed and our furry family can actually develop an addiction to their sugar-filled foods! 😬
Including fresh, whole foods into the diets of our pets provides the same health benefits it does when we include those same healthy, whole foods in our diet! Fresh is always best! Incorporating even 20% fresh food into your pet's bowl will make a huge difference in their overall health! 🍎🥦

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