The Benefits of Goat's Milk for Pets

You've heard that milk does a body good when it comes to our own nutrition and that is very true! Now is all milk created equally when it comes to our furry guys? You may be surprised! 😲
Typically, people in North America drink cow's milk, but we are definitely an exception to the rule! For the most part, the rest of the world drinks goat milk! And there are a ton of health benefits for our furry guys to also drink Mother Nature's food! 🌎
There is a difference between cow milk and goat milk, especially for the furry guys! When we drink cow milk, it is pasteurized to remove the bacteria that our delicate human bodies cannot withstand. Our furry guys are equipped to consume bacteria we can't! However, the pasteurization of milk removes the enzyme called lactase. When the enzyme lactase is eliminated, it leaves only lactose which is very difficult for our pets to digest. 🐄
Additionally, goat milk has fat molecules one-fifth the size of those in cow’s milk which makes it easily digestible and tolerable even for pets with digestive issues. This is another reason goat milk or kefir is the best choice for our furry guys! ✅
So what health benefits can Raw Goat Milk or Kefir provide our furry guys? 🐐
🐾 Natural source of probiotics
🐾 Natural tummy tamer
🐾 Natural remedy for allergies
🐾 Natural remedy for yeast infections
🐾 Can help with asthma
🐾 Can help with gas or gerd
🐾 Increases hydration in the diet
🐾 Offers liver support and heart health
🐾 Diabetes regulator
🐾 Healthy calories for weight gain or maintenance
There are so many health benefits of including goat milk or kefir in our furry guys' diets that it's almost a no-brainer! Besides it being a fantastic health boost, the furry guys always love to enjoy some refreshing food made by nature! 💚

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