Take the Outdoors Back Naturally!

I don't know anyone who likes the little summer vampires, do you? We don't get a lot of summer evenings in Saskatchewan, so when we do get them, it'd be nice to not have to combat our provincial bird...the Mosquito! 🦟

As we gear up for warm summer days and evenings, spending time outdoors with our furry family becomes one of life's simple pleasures. However, with mosquito season in full swing, finding effective and safe ways to protect our pets and ourselves from these pesky intruders is crucial. We're super excited to share a simple, eco-friendly solution to keep those annoying mosquitoes at bay without harming your pets, your family, or the environment.🌱

Most conventional mosquito repellents contain chemicals like DEET or permethrin, which can be harmful if ingested or improperly applied, especially around pets and children. These substances can also have detrimental effects on wildlife and the ecosystem. They're toxic and not something I want to spray on myself or around Zane! Plus, they don't do much to keep the little blood suckers out of your yard! 😲

Rather than using those nasty chemicals, we prefer to use a fantastic natural recipe that’s just as effective as commercial products but completely safe for your pets and the planet and you can make it at home with things you likely already have.

🌱 DIY Natural Mosquito Repellent 🦟

What You Need:
  • 1 cup Epsom Salt
  • 1 can of flat beer (cheap and stale is want you want 😉)
  • 3/4 cup of mint mouthwash (cheap is fine)
  • 1 spray bottle
What You Do:
  • Combine all the ingredients in your spray bottle.
  • Shake well until the Epsom salt is fully dissolved.
  • Spray around your seating areas, garden perimeter, and anywhere else you and your pets like to spend time outdoors that always seems to be ruined by the uninvited pesky guests! 🦟
You can always make a bigger batch to keep it on hand when you need it, but if you just want to test it out to make sure it works, start with the small batch! 👍
Why This Works
The Epsom salt and mouthwash combination creates an environment that's inhospitable to mosquitoes but completely harmless to plants and animals. The beer helps to disperse the mixture evenly, enhancing the area coverage. This repellent keeps mosquitoes away for up to a week per application, depending on the weather conditions. But we've noticed, even with some rain, it still seems to do the trick! 🤩
Benefits of Going Natural
Non-Toxic: Free from harsh chemicals, making it safe for children and pets who play around the sprayed areas.

Eco-Friendly: Does not contaminate water sources or soil with chemicals.
Cost-Effective: Utilizes ingredients that are likely already in your home, reducing the need to buy expensive, commercially-prepared repellents.
Enjoy Your Outdoor Space in Peace
This DIY solution will help you take back your outdoor space from mosquitoes without the worry of toxic side effects or environmental harm. It's perfect for garden parties, BBQs, or any outdoor gathering where you want to keep the atmosphere relaxed and insect-free.
Pro Tip 🤩
While this mixture is great for deterring mosquitoes, it's always a good idea to take other preventative measures like eliminating standing water and using proper lighting to keep pests away.
We hope this natural mosquito repellent recipe enhances your summer and makes your outdoor experiences more enjoyable. Try it out, and know that both your furry and non-furry family will be kept safe and sound from the pesky critters and you didn't have to use any chemicals! 🌱

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