Spice Up Your Pet's Bowl

Who's heard the old wives' tale about finding a food your pet loves and sticking with it for their entire life? 🙋‍♀️
Unfortunately, this myth is perpetuated by the big pet food manufacturers who are banking on you serving the same food for YOUR whole life, not your pet's life! They're hoping if you feed their food to one pet, you'll feed it to the next pet and the next pet and every pet you ever have! Talk about a "lifetime customer"! 😳
The better choice for your pet is to rotate not only your proteins, but mix in other brands or switch your brands up! When we start to condition our pets to enjoy a "buffet in their bowl", switching their food up daily is no issue! You wouldn't want to eat the same thing everyday and neither do they! 😊
There's a really good reason to mix up our proteins and brands! Our pets require 22 amino acids to thrive! Dogs manufacture 12 of those amino acids themselves and cats manufacture 11, they both rely on animal protein for the remaining amino acids in their diets. Different proteins offer different amino acids, so incorporating a variety of protein ensures we are also providing a variety of amino acids that allow our pets to thrive! 👍🏻
Different brands contain different ingredients that also provide different levels of essential nutrients and vitamins. Incorporating different brands into our pet's diets can ensure we providing an overall balanced diet by getting all the right amounts of nutrients and vitamins! 🥩
Variety is the spice of life, not only for us but also for our pets! Making a meal that is different every day is exactly what Mother Nature intended! 🌏

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