Should Your Dog Eat Pumpkin

Even though it is the Pumpkin Spice season, there's no need to wait to give your pup some scrumptious pumpkin! Aside from being a fantastic digestive regulator, pumpkin offers a variety of healthy benefits! 👇

🎃 Vitamin A which is great for eye health

🎃 Potassium which helps regulate blood pressure, improves muscle health and assists in metabolism

🎃 Vitamin C to keep the immune system healthy

🎃 Iron which assists with the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin

🎃 Zinc which is great for skin and coat health

🎃 Phosphorus which helps with bone health

🎃 Magnesium which helps with hormone functions, maintaining electrical balance across the membranes, and maintaining calcium movement into the muscles

Many pet parents think pumpkin is only good if the furry guys are having diarrhea but pumpkin can also help if the furry guy is constipated. The fiber provided by pumpkin keeps the digestive tract running smoothly! 👍

Regardless of what your furry family is eating, adding pumpkin (pumpkin puree not pumpkin pie filling) is a great healthy addition to the bowl! It's especially beneficial if you're serving dry food as it is an easy way to increase the hydration in the diet! 😀

Start by adding one to two dollops appropriate for the size of your pup and watch them gobble up this tasty little healthy add! 🎃

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