Shocking Hills Pet Food Scandal Unleashed!

KetoNatural is taking on the giant Hill’s Pet Nutrition with a jaw-dropping $2.6 billion lawsuit! 😲
Why? Because Hill’s played dirty by tricking the FDA (as well as pet parents and veterinarians) into thinking grain-free dog foods could lead to a serious heart disease called DCM. 😡
Here’s the scoop: The FDA checked out these claims and found zilch, zero, nada – no proof that grain-free food is the bad guy. But the damage was done. Hill’s, with a hefty $3.7 billion in sales, is accused of using scare tactics to spook pet parents and push out smaller brands. 😤
It’s like a plot from a pet thriller – Hill’s allegedly rigged the game by feeding the FDA stories about DCM, all to claw back their slice of the pet food pie. They even roped in some vets like Lisa Freeman, with a handsome payoff, to help spread the fear and lies to promote the sale of their grain inclusive food. 😡
Pet Parents, this is big! It’s not just about who’s got the best food for your pet. It’s about integrity and trust in the companies who make our pet's food. More importantly, it's about how far some companies will go to convince you to buy their food. 🔍
You can see KetoNatural's "complaint" here, it is a long one so we've broken down the 124 page document in the event you'd like to look at certain aspects of the case and mostly because. who has time to read a 124 page legal document on pet food if it's not your job! It's our job and we've given you a summary to review if you're interested! 👇
🐾 High-level summary of the case: Pages 2-6
🐾 Background about Hill's and the two affiliated organizations that are also defendants in the case: Pages 9-14
🐾 Background information about the five veterinarian defendants: Pages 15-33
🐾 Part one of the scheme (veterinarian defendants send cherry-picked data to the FDA): Pages 34-44
🐾 Part two of the scheme (veterinarian defendants create the term "BEG" diets): Pages 44-48
🐾 Part three (a) of the scheme (defendants mischaracterize the science in statements made to the lay public): Pages 48-59
🐾 Part three (b) of the scheme (defendants mischaracterize the science in statements made to the veterinary community): Pages 60-84.
🐾 Part four of the scheme (defendants use Facebook groups and other social media propaganda to spread misinformation): Pages 84-98
🐾 Financial damages and other ramifications of the scheme: Pages 98-111
The rest is mostly "legalese" and probably only interesting to folks with a legal background. 🤔
Stay diligent and stay tuned as this drama unfolds. It’s a reminder that when it comes to our furry family, we need the truth, not tricks! 👍

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