Question your ingredients

Just how useful is the list of ingredients on your pet food label? The short answer...not very! The long answer is the list of ingredients is protected by AAFCO standards and does nothing to identify the quality of the ingredients.

That means, the ingredients used to make the pet food don't necessarily have to be "ingredients for consumption". In other words, the protein sources could be roadkill, zoo or farm animals who have become deceased other than by slaughter or even euthanized animals. Pentobarbital, which is the euthanization drug has not only been found in some commercial kibble, but has also been the cause for healthy animals to become sick and pass from eating the drug laced food.

QUALITY of the ingredients is one of the most important things to know when researching your pet foods. You want to ask either the manufacturer or your vet;

"Are all animal protein ingredients in the food AAFC or USDA inspected and passed? Are all the ingredients and supplements human edible?"

That means, has the Canadian and/or US Federal Agricultural Departments signed off on the ingredients as consumable. If the answer is "We don't know" or "It has to be to be in the food", keep looking for the answer until you get a definitive answer with validation. If the quality of the ingredients is in question, the list of ingredients is irrelevant.

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