Pets Should Not Be Eating By-products

Always avoid food or treats with by-products for your pet's!

You've heard of by-products right? By-products are definitely something we do not want to see in our pet's food! Let's look at why! ⬇️

By-products are defined as:

"An incidental or secondary product made in the manufacture or synthesis of something else. A secondary result, unintended but inevitably produced in doing or producing something else."

Essentially, a by-product is what is left over after the intended product has been made. In the case of animal feeds, including feed referred to as pet food, it’s often the excess materials left over after processing human foods. 🤢

So that means, if it's not fit for human consumption, then it's ok for pet food. What?? 😳

Do you believe that? If it's not good enough for us to eat, why would we ever make our pet's eat it? The reason is simple! Money! 💰

Big pet food manufacturers know quality ingredients cost more to use and if they pay more to make the food, they make less money when the food is bought. So profits for the big pet food manufactures are far more important then the health and well-being of our pets. 😡

You've heard us say it before, the big pet food manufacturers have a team of marketing wizards that advertise to us both on and off the bag in an attempt to make sure you don't ever look at the back of the bag! Flip that bag over every single time! You want to know what's going in your pet's bowl and it's just as important to know what we're feeding them as it is to know what goes on your own plate! 🍝

If your pet's food or treats contain by-products, it's a low-grade alternative that you want to avoid. There are better options on the market! Our best bet to keeping our pet's happy and healthy for a long time is through quality nutrition and an easy way to know if you're serving a quality product is to make sure there are no by-products in it! 🚫

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