Level Up Your Bowl

On Friday we did a poll to see how many of our pet parents are Levelling Up Their Bowls. 35% of pet parents told us they're not Levelling Up Their Bowls so we wanted to make sure we shared why you should be and more importantly how you can be! 😃

Ok, why do we want you to Level Up Your Bowl? We want to keep our pets as healthy as possible! Feeding the same food day after day after day, especially if you're serving a dry diet (kibble) is not only boring for your pet, it can also do more harm than good! 😲

Eating the same protein for an extended length of time can cause sensitivities or intolerances to that protein, which are deemed as allergies.

In addition to potentially creating a sensitivity to a protein, when we feed the same protein daily, we're depriving our pets of the nutrients, minerals and amino acids the other proteins provide. Mother Nature intended our furry family to eat a variety of protein sources and each one offers something the others don't. We want to replicate Mother Nature's intentions as much as possible! 💙

Another reason we want to get a variety of food in our pet's bowl is to strengthen their overall gut health. Eating the same thing day in and day out weakens the gut health and causes issues in the future when we try to either change food or add different food. If you only ate chicken for six months, then tried to eat beef it wouldn't feel very good. 😬

As with any change to our furry family's diet, we want to start slowly and gradually introduce new healthy options into their bowls! So, what are some ways we can Level Up the Bowl and improve our pet's health and ultimately extend their lives through nutrition? Here are a few easy ways! 👍

🦴 Add Bone Broth! Bone Broth is the uber superfood for cats and dogs! It helps:

🐾 Detox the liver

🐾 Skin and coat

🐾 Bones and joints

🐾 Heart and nervous system

🐾 Repair leaky gut

🥛 Add Goat Milk or Kefir! Raw milk is a fantastic addition to any bowl because:

🐾 It's a natural source of probiotics (supports healthy bacteria in the tummy)

🐾 It's a natural antihistamine (can help with allergies or yeast)

🐾 It's a natural tummy tamer (can help when adding new food or transitioning to a new food)

🐾 It helps increase hydration of the body (especially important when serving a dry diet)

🥩 Add a less processed food to the bowl as a topper! This is a great way to:

🐾 Improve the nutrition in the bowl

🐾 Reduce the amount of carbs present in dry food by reducing the amount of dry fed

🐾 Strengthens the gut health by incorporating other proteins into the diet

🐾 Provides additional nutrients, minerals and amino acids not found in a single protein dry diet

🥦 Add 1/4 cup (or 25% of the bowl) of cruciferous veggies to a dry diet!

🐾 This can drop the blood sugar spike caused by traditional kibble by up to 20 points!

There a whole paw full of good reasons to Level Up Your Bowl and extend your pet's lives through nutrition! If you need more information on how to do it, we're always happy to help!

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