Kibble is recalled 75 times more than raw

If you're not serving your pet a biologically appropriate diet or a raw diet, it may be due to some of the fear mongering stirred up by the industry regarding raw food and bacteria. First it's important to note that our pets require exposure to bacteria to stay healthy and to nourish their microbiome, second it's interesting that kibble has had more pet food bacteria recalls than raw and not just more...a lot more!

In the past seven years, kibble manufacturers have recalled 149, 948, 840lbs of kibble. In the same period of time 1, 986, 035lbs of raw food has been recalled. That means kibble has been recalled 75 times more than raw! Essentially, for every one pound of raw that was recalled, 75 pounds of kibble was recalled.

So what are some things we can do to minimize bad bacteria? Proper food handling and dish sanitation is just as important if you serve kibble than if you serve raw. No one talks about the bacteria that kibble leaves behind, no one stresses the importance of washing your hands thoroughly after handling kibble or dry dog biscuits, no one says be sure to wash your pet's dish everyday if you're serving kibble. Well...we're saying it!

There is more potential for bad bacteria in your pet's bowl, your home and on the people in your family from kibble than raw. It's an automatic reaction to wash our hands as well as any surfaces that a raw piece of meat touches, we just do it! On the other hand, we often presume kibble is dry, there is no bacteria possibilities and typically washing our hands after touching kibble or washing the surfaces the kibble comes in contact with is overlooked. That's our first mistake!

Treat all pet foods, regardless of consistency, the same. Whether you're feeding a raw diet, kibble, a fresh diet or dehydrated diet, always wash your hands as well as your pet's dishes when they're finished eating. We want our pets exposed to healthy bacteria and salmonella, which is most often found in dishes holding kibble, isn't one of them!

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