Keeping Your Grass Green

Grass burns got you a little brown? 😬

Pet parents often see the marks of their furry family scattered across their lawn in the summer and ask what they can do about it! 🤔

The primary reason why dog urine burns grass is alkaline urine pH level. Preventing grass burn can be as simple as having the correct pH level. 😊

There are products on the market that claim to eliminate grass burn and we've done the research! Here are the results!

🌱 If you are using a grass burn prevention product be sure the product reduces urine pH by containing the acidifying amino acid DL-methionine so the only alteration made is reducing the pH level of the urine

🌱 The product must be present in ALL water sources your pet consumes in order to "work" - that means every bowl they drink from, water bottles on a walk, garden hose shenanigans, you name it, they need to ingest the product in ALL of their water

🌱 If the product suggests only feeding a dry diet in order for it to work, find a different product

🌱 If and when these products work, they don't work 100% and you will still see grass burn just slightly minimized

What we recommend to prevent grass burn is:

🥩 Feed a biologically appropriate diet while avoiding grains and alkalizing foods

🥩 Reduce your pet's urine pH naturally by feeding a low-carb, grain-free, potato-free, and preferably fresh diet or at least adding canned or gently cooked food for the increased moisture content

🐶 Give pupper a designated area that is not grass to do business in your yard. This requires training but can easily be done!

💦 Hose down or at least pour water on the patch of grass as soon as your pet relieves themselves

♻️ You can also cover the area with about an inch of compost. These methods will help rebalance the soil pH and reduce grass burn

🐶🥩🐶 Our pups are carnivores and should have a slightly acidic urine pH of between 6 and 6.5. A higher pH will not only burn your lawn – it will predispose your dog to developing struvite crystals.

You also don't want a urine pH below 6. So for the health of both your dog and your lawn, you should strive to keep your pet's urine pH right around 6.5, and no higher than 7.

You can always purchase pH strips to check your pet's urine pH at home so you know when it's in or outside the desired range. We can give you additional directions on testing if you're interested! 🐾

🐶 Enjoy summer with your pup and look for natural ways to keep both your furry family and your grass healthy!

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