Keep Your Pet's Teeth Healthy

80% of pets risk developing dental disease by the age of two! That's a shocking number when you consider four out of five pets could need a dentistry by the age of two! 😲

So, now we need to know what causes our furry guys to develop such bad chompers so young? You could be way ahead here, but it should come as no surprise that sugar is the culprit! 🧁

How do your teeth feel when you eat a big piece of sweet, sugary cake covered in loads of rich, think icing? They don't feel clean with all that sugar do they? Unfortunately, typical dry diets cause the same effect on our furry guy's teeth when they're high in carbs! 😬

But wait! Don't our pets need to eat dry kibble to keep their teeth clean? 😳

This right here, is one of the biggest myths the big pet food manufacturers perpetuate! Our pets eating "crunchy" food to keep their teeth clean, is the equivalent of you eating Doritos your whole life so you don't have to brush your teeth! 😲 How much sense does that make?

Aside from crunchy things NOT keeping our teeth clean, our cats and dogs don't really chew their food when they eat. Their mouths aren't designed for it! 👇🏻

Cats and dogs do not have the ability to move their bottom jaw side to side like we do, their bottom jaw simply goes up and down. Their mouths are designed to rip and swallow, not chew. 🐶

Raw meat has the necessary enzymes to prevent build up on our furry guy's teeth! When was the last time you saw a wolf at the dentist? When our furry family eats a biologically appropriate diet, we can do wonders for their teeth among other things! Aside from the enzymes, the bone added to raw food diets also works to "scale" the teeth as the meal is enjoyed! 😀

We can help our furry guys keep those chompers pearly white! Sometimes, it's as easy as diet! If you have questions about how to help your furry guy keep their teeth clean, we're always happy to help! 😊

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