Keep Your Floofs Safe & Your Yard Weed Free!

As the weather warms up and we all spend more time outdoors, it's important to consider not only the beauty of our yards but also the impact on our furry family's health. Recent studies have shed light on a concerning link between chemically treated lawns and the health of our pets—particularly our outdoor loving dogs.

The Hidden Dangers of Lawn Chemicals
Did you know that dogs whose families have chemically treated their lawns are at a 70% higher risk of developing lymphoma? This startling statistic comes from comprehensive research focused on the effects of yard chemicals on canine health. Here are some crucial findings:

  • Chemical Residue: A significant 76% of dogs were found to have herbicide residues in their urine after exposure to treated lawns.
  • Residue Buildup: Eight days post-application, the residue found on dog fur was 14 times higher than before treatment.
  • Indoor Contamination: Pets often carry these chemicals into the home, contaminating spaces where your family and children play and live.
  • Neighbourhood Spread: Even if you maintain a chemical-free yard, herbicides used on neighbouring lawns can travel up to 50 feet from the application site, indirectly exposing your pets.

Creating a Safer Environment
Understanding these risks, it's crucial to seek safer alternatives that protect not only our pets but our families and the environment. Here's what you can do:

🌱 DIY Pet and Earth Safe Weed Killer Recipe 🌱

🌱 Embrace a natural approach to yard care with our DIY weed killer recipe that's safe for pets and the planet:

This DIY mixture is completely natural and not only is it Pet Friendly it's also Earth Friendly! It's extremely effective and efficient at killing weeds! It's important to note it will kill any foliage it comes in contact with so don't spray it on grass or around other plants.

The ingredients can irritate your skin and sense of smell, so you'll want to mix it in a well ventilated room, using gloves and a mask if you're easily irritated by strong smells. Be sure to use a heavy duty non-corrosive container, the solution will dissolve cheap plastic in a very short time.

Combine thoroughly:

  • 1L of 10% acetic vinegar
  • 1oz Orange essential oil
  • 1/2 oz Cinnamon essential oil

Spray solution directly on the weeds in the heat of the day, preferably when the temperature is 20˚C or hotter. Weeds in direct sunlight will die within an hour of spraying. It's best to spray when the soil is dry, so don't spray when there's rain in the forecast. Check out the results of this natural yet powerful weed killer after only one hour and one day!

Keep pets off sprayed areas until the solution is dry as it can be irritating to the skin. It typically dries within an hour. This solution is all natural, so it is not toxic to animals, people or the earth. It is potent when in liquid form though, so be sure to use precautions when preparing it, spraying it and while it's still wet after spraying.
This is the spray I make each year to ensure Zane is safe in my yard and I'm not hurting the planet! Now you can enjoy your weed free yard and take comfort knowing you are not using harmful pesticides that can be extremely dangerous for all members of your family!

Alternative Lawn Care: We recommend organic and non-toxic products for lawn treatment to keep your environment safe and appealing while also keeping your furry family safe. That can include getting your exercise and pulling the weeds in your grass or replacing your grass with artificial turf.

Post-Walk Care: Try our DIY Paw Soak Recipe to cleanse your pets' paws after walks in potentially contaminated areas.
  • 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 part warm water
Mix and let your dog stand in a shallow tub for 2-5 minutes to clean their paws. Apple Cider Vinegar helps to remove bacteria, fungus, and grime.
Why This Matters
Creating a safe outdoor environment is essential, particularly in the summer months when exposure levels can peak. By choosing natural yard care solutions, you're not just beautifying your yard—you're also safeguarding the health of your pets and family...remember—your choices do make a difference!

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