Is Your Pet Food Safe?

Unfortunately, we don't get the truth about what is in our pet's food by looking at the front of the bag. The pretty pictures used on pet food packaging and in advertisements will not help you choose a food that is safe for your pet. 

The front of the bag and the commercials on TV are all marketing, better known as pet food propaganda. Here is exactly why we believe this!

Pet food regulations state; a pet food label can contain “unqualified claims, either directly or indirectly”.

Legally, in any form of advertising, a pet food manufacturing company can lie to you, the pet parent who is looking to feed a quality meal to your pet. 

The most important claim pet parents need to be informed of is the quality of ingredients in their pet's food; the current regulations DO NOT allow pet food manufactures to state the quality of the ingredients they use. This is important because there are two grades of ingredients used in pet food: 

Human edible (food grade) ingredients

Human inedible (pet grade or feed grade) ingredients

Why is it alright to feed our pets something we wouldn't feed ourselves?

There are still pet foods (feeds) on the market today that contain chemicals and dyes linked to cancer and other serious illnesses in animals and though pet food manufacturers are required to list those ingredients on the back of their packaging, they are extremely adept at making the front so appealing that as a pet parent, they hope you will never flip over that bag!

We want you to flip that bag over! We want you to look at and know exactly every ingredient in that bag so you can be confident you're feeding your furry family the best meal possible in an effort to extend their lives through nutrition.

We also want you to feel confident knowing, we've already done that research with all of the food we carry and we're more than happy to look at your current food today to help you navigate the crazy world of pet food!

Bring your bag into us and we will walk you through the good, the bad and the ugly so that you can know you're doing the best for your pets! We want you to feel comfortable about the food you serve and ensure it's within your budget. It may just be a matter of tweaking what you're currently doing to make that meal better and more nutritious for your pet!

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