Is the Price of Your Pet Food Costing You Your Pet's Health?

It's a fantastic question with a disturbing answer. 😬
Many pet parents question why healthy food for our furry guys is so much more expensive than the traditional kibble we see lining the shelves of grocery stores; and as the sign says...we should actually be questioning why that traditional dry food is so cheap! 🤔
So let's look at why....👇
Traditional dry pet food has a low price tag, mostly due to the fact that it's not actually FOOD, rather it's considered FEED. Have you ever wondered why it's usually located in the laundry aisle? 😲 The food we eat, cannot be located in an aisle with chemicals and cleaning products because it's FOOD! Traditional dry pet food is considered FEED...which is perfectly fine to be located beside bleach and chemicals. 😡
The quality of ingredients or dare we say, lack of quality is another contributing factor when it comes to the low price tags of dry pet FEED! When the traditional grocery store FEEDS are made with:
💩 By-products (inedible by humans)
☠️ 4-D Meats (dead, disabled, dying or diseased animals)
🧪 Toxic chemicals used to preserve things like jet fuel and embalming fluids
🎨 Dyes that are actual paint
🌽 Mostly corn and wheat by-products
It's no wonder they have such a low price tag! Who would want to eat that? 🤮 The only reason our furry family does is because once these pellets of ick have been processed at excessive temperatures, they're sprayed with a palette enhancer to make the furry guys think they're eating FOOD...remember though...they're not! They're eating FEED and not a healthy one! 🤢
And unfortunately, the same is true for when this FEED is made and when our furry guys eat it. Garbage in, garbage out! Garbage doesn't magically turn into something healthy or nutritious when you cook the daylights out of it, it just becomes overcooked garbage! 🤮
Then this garbage is consumed by our furry family and ends up in your backyard because...the garbage that goes in (all the stuff their body doesn't need or use) will come right back out for you to pick up! 💩
And picking up the garbage in our backyards is the least of our worries! The negative impacts garbage food has on our furry guy's health is the true price we're paying to feed a "cheap food". 💔
Let's look at a quality food made for our pets and see the difference!
🥩 Human grade meats and ingredients
🫐 Fruits & veggies that come before the salt on the ingredient panel - meaning they actually provide some nutrition
🚬 No harmful or carcinogenic chemicals
🍁 Natural preservatives and no added colours
🥗 Minimally processed to retain the nutrition from the whole foods
There's a big difference in pet foods and they are certainly NOT all created equally! Quality food does come with a higher price tag, but when we're only comparing the price of the bag, we're not comparing apples to apples! 🍎
It's not a pretty picture, but it's an accurate one! Our furry family deserves to eat a nutritious meal that nourishes their body and allows them to thrive! We don't want them just surviving off of subpar ingredient foods that actually do more harm than good. If you've got questions, we're always happy to help! 💙

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