Is Pet Obesity an Epidemic?

October 13th is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day. It's an important day because the unfortunate truth is we've become so used to seeing our dogs a little on the pudgy side, when we see a lean floof, who is actually their ideal weight and very healthy, we often hear..."Your dog is too skinny! Feed that dog a burger or something!" 😬

Keeping our pets lean is always best for their health! Keeping them lean is easier on their joints, their organs and their overall health and wellbeing! 👍

One thing many pet parents try when a furry guy needs to lose some weight is a pet weight loss food. Weight loss food for pets is similar to a fad diet for humans with one major disturbing fact. The secret ingredient in pet weight loss food is sawdust! 😬

One of the ingredients you'll find in all weight loss foods for pets is "powdered cellulose" which is essentially sawdust. 😢

We often ask folks if they were looking to lose or
maintain weight, what is ONE food you could eat for the rest of your life that provides you with all the required nutrition you would need? The answer is...none! It doesn't exist and it doesn't exist for our pets either! 🤔

The best way to help our furry family lose or maintain an ideal weight is through quality diet and exercise! The same way it is for us! If you've got a furry guy whoneeds to shed some pre-holiday weight, here's one way to do that! 👇

🐾 Making a meal plan that includes healthy treats is key!

🐾 Regular exercise is also key! If the furry guy can't go for a long walk, take several short walks to keep those furry legs moving!

🐾 If you're feeding a dry diet, your best bet is to look for a protein rich, nutrient dense, low carb, premium food. Just like us, our floof's key to healthy weight will be less processed food and more fresh, whole foods!

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