Is Milk Thistle Good for My Pet?

Milk thistle is an amazing natural herb that has super-duper health benefits for the furry guys! Milk thistle is a flower in the Aster family and humans have used it for medicinal purposes for over 2000 years, particularly its roots and seeds. 👍
Humans usually use milk thistle as a liver tonic and our furry family can see some of the same benefits we do. milk thistle can aid in...👇
🌸 Liver or kidney damage
🌸 Hepatitis
🌸 Jaundice
🌸 Parvovirus recovery
5 Uses For Milk Thistle
🐾 Milk thistle protects the liver against harmful oxidation which can occur after being on medication
🐾 If an infection has damaged your dog’s kidney, milk thistle can decrease the time it takes to heal
🐾 Although not as common in cats, pancreatitis is more common in dogs, milk thistle can help ease the symptoms
🐾 Milk thistle has shown to decrease the effects of cancer in a pet’s body. While there hasn't been many studies done, there have been enough to show it can help protect against the potential for cancer
🐾 When milk thistle is given at least once per week, pets who suffer from diabetes need less insulin than without milk thistle
Milk Thistle Is Not A Preventative
Though milk thistle has many amazing health benefits, it is not a preventative, or “just in case.” Milk thistle should be used to cleanse the liver after exposure to toxins or as a remedy for liver damage.
Milk thistle stimulates the growth of new liver cells to replace those that are dead or dying. It also helps protect against toxins which could cause further damage.
Remember, you shouldn’t use any medicinal herbs for extended periods of time, rather you should include them in your rotational supplement regime! 👍

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