I Forgot to Thaw My Raw Pet Food! Now What?

If you feed your pet a fresh diet, there’s probably been a time or two where you forgot to thaw your food! Now what!? There’s probably some furry toes doing an impatient supper time dance and you’re staring at a block of frozen meat! 😳

There’s a couple things we NEVER want to do 👇

❌ Microwave the raw food, even on a defrost setting

❌ Heat or cook the food in anyway

❌ Serve frozen

The reason we never want to apply any heat is because a complete and balanced raw food diet will contain bone. Bones become brittle under heat which can then splinter and become very sharp. Those sharp little splinters can do a lot of damage to a digestive tract!

Some large dogs can eat frozen meat with no issue, but small pups have a little bit more of a fragile digestive tract that we don’t want a block of frozen meat sitting in. Cold food is fine, but frozen food can be problematic.

So what do we do? 👇

✅ Pour some warm water over the food, not boiling water, that is considered “applying heat”let it sit for a few minutes, drain and serve

✅ Warm some bone broth and pour on the food, let soak and serve

Life happens! We get it! If you ever forget to thaw the floof feast, warm water is your friend! Another option is all around building a buffet in your bowl! If some of your buffet includes raw alternatives or other less processed food, the entire meal can be made up of other healthy yums until tomorrow when your raw food is thawed! 😀

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