How Safe is Peanut Butter for My Dog?

Do you have a furry guy who loves peanut butter? 🥜 Of course you do! Who doesn't love PB? 😳
As yummy as peanut butter makes everything, literally even cardboard smeared with peanut butter becomes delicious and is 10x better than any other breakfast option, that's not always the case for our furry family! 😬
Some peanut butters are made with an artificial sweetener called xylitol, which is highly toxic to dogs. The tiniest amount can cause a dangerous insulin surge and a rapid drop in our pup's blood sugar levels. You never ever want your pup to eat anything with xylitol in it. ☠️
The best way to avoid this is by reading the label and not just on our peanut butter! Xylitol can be used as an artificial sweetener in many foods. Yogurt and gum are two common foods it's found in. Not that we're giving our pups gum, but a few have been known to "find their own snacks" on the ground. 😬 The best thing to do is avoid any food that includes artificial sweeteners when it comes to our furry guys! 🐾
The other thing you need to know about peanut butter when it comes to us and our furry family is the risk of aflatoxin contamination. You would have learned about this when we talked about corn as a deadly ingredient in pet food. 🌽
Aflatoxins grow on certain crops like corn, cottonseed guessed it, peanuts! Aflatoxins are highly carcinogenic and can poison the liver and promote tumor development. We may not be able to prevent aflatoxins in our peanut butter, but we can absolutely control the amount we share with our furry guys! 😊
Though some people food is perfectly fine for our furry guys, some food is better in moderation. Peanut butter is definitely one of those foods that should be given in moderation. Once or twice a week and just a little taste! No more than that! Spoonfuls are not a little taste (as much as I tell myself they are when I'm eating PB).👍🏻
If you're using peanut butter in toys, or on stimulation mats, cut back on your PB and include some banana, greek yogurt or cottage cheese! There are some better and more healthy options we can use that help us avoid the risks that peanut butter can sometimes present! 🐾
We are always happy to help you find the best options for your furry guys and welcome you to always pop by or reach out with any questions! Your pet's best interest is our first priority and we take it very seriously! 💙

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