How do you store your kibble?

Storing your kibble properly is no funny business, it's a very serious matter! Kibble will stay fresh for a very long long as the bag isn't opened. 😬 The problem with kibble's freshness starts as soon as you open the bag.

Premium kibble manufacturers go to great lengths to try and preserve the freshness of the food, unfortunately they can't beat science. Though the food contains natural preservatives, once the bag is open and the fats within the food are exposed to air, they start to oxidize causing the food to rot.

The bag is constructed to try and assist in preserving the food, but you have a part to play as well! Here are 5 things you can do in order to maintain as much freshness in the food as possible.

  1. Keep the food in the original bag
  2. Reduce exposure to light and air
  3. Keep the food in a cool, dark space
  4. Fold the bag down and seal with a clip
  5. Freeze any food you are unable to use within 28 days

Consistently doing these five things will help maintain the freshness of your kibble, but once the food is exposed to air, oxidation of the fats is inevitable. When possible, buy smaller bags of food in order to use it quicker and freeze what you won't use to maintain additional freshness.

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