Have you heard kibble brushes teeth?

It's one of the many myths around kibble we're going to debunk!

Saying that kibble brushes your pet's teeth is like me telling you to eat Doritos for a life time and you won't have to brush your teeth because you're eating something crunchy. It's just not true!

Kibble may losen debris at the tips of the teeth but it does nothing to address the gum line which is where your pet's oral health begins. Oral health is much more important than shiny white teeth and fresh breath, good oral health is a preventative measure to very serious health complications.

There are three ways to properly clean your pet's teeth and kibble isn't one of them!

1. Feeding a raw diet is one method as the raw diet contains bones, which is similar to a natural environment where the bones act like a toothbrush when consumed.

2. Offer raw meaty bones as a treat. Working on the raw meaty bone will definitely help get your pet's teeth shiney!

3. Brush them yourself. If you don't serve a raw diet or offer raw meaty bones, then get yourself some pet safe toothpaste and their very own toothbrush and be diligent in brushing your pet's teeth everyday. Tarter builds every 24 hours, so brushing their teeth is a daily activity if this is the method you choose!

Their oral health is a critical component to their overall health. Determine how you will keep their teeth clean and you're taking one more step to keeping them healthy!

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