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Give Your Pup Some Cucumbers

Does your pup enjoy the cool, refreshing crunch of a crisp cucumber? 🥒

Cucumbers are just as healthy of a snack for your dog as they are for you! ✅

🐾 Cucumbers are a low calorie, crunchy snack that most dogs love!

🐾 Cucumbers provide electrolytes to improve your pup's hydration!

🐾 Fibrous vegetables such as cucumbers, boost your dog's saliva production, which washes away odor-causing bacteria and freshens breath!

With the hot months of summer ahead, sharing some of your cool cucumbers with your furry guy is not only refreshing but good for them too!

🥒 Slice and peel cucumbers before serving to avoid choking

🥒 Only serve fresh non-pickled cucumbers

🥒 Serve organic whenever you can

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