Euthanized Pets in Your Pet Food


⚠️ This post contains graphic content and may not be suitable for all viewers. ⚠️

If you've been with us for a while, you know that we're extremely focused on partnering with reputable food manufacturers, because as we've shared with you before, there are some pet food manufacturers out there who look to cut corners and save costs at any expense. Unfortunately, that expense is the ultimate price, which is our pet's health. 😡

One of the most disturbing ingredients, which by the way is totally legal, even as disgusting as it is and heartbreaking that it's allowed, is euthanized pets. Yes, you read that right, our beloved pets who are put to sleep with the drug pentobarbital, are then considered just another source of meat for unscrupulous pet food manufacturers. 💔

You may be thinking, "well even if that happens, it happens somewhere far, far away and it would never happen to my pet food!" The sad truth is, it's literally happening in our very own backyard!

This horrific reality, happens every day in Saskatchewan! Euthanized pets are being picked up by Rendering Plants, to recycle their bodies into the meat slurry used by many pet food manufacturers to save money and produce a cheap pet food! 😡

You may be asking, "well just how do you know this for sure?" Aside from being a bunch of pet nutrition junkies and constantly on the look out for happenings in the industry in order to create transparency for you regarding what you're feeding your pet, we have absolutely amazing customers.

One of our amazing customers recently lost two of her pets. She was contacted by her vet and informed that her euthanized pet would be picked up by the Rendering Plant, to be made into pet food. When she questioned the fact that her pet had been put to sleep with pentobarbital, the response was "yes, that's what happens with euthanized pets every day". 💔

Now we know, there are some questionable ingredients in a lot of pet food out there. Some ingredients are considered controversial, some are considered harmful. The fact that the industry allows euthanized animals; our family pets to just become part of the pet food manufacturing process is not only disgusting, it's dangerous!

The pentobarbital used to euthanize the animal doesn't magically leave their system when they end up at the rendering plant! The pentobarbital now becomes part of the pet's diet who is consuming that food! Pentobarbital is a short-acting barbiturate sedative-hypnotic used to end a life! How beneficial is that in an otherwise healthy animal's diet? 😳

So now the question becomes, how do we ensure we are NEVER risking our own animal's health, by feeding euthanized pets, so pet food manufacturers can save a buck? You've heard us say it before and we will say it over and over again until things change! NEVER, NEVER serve your animal anything that has unnamed ingredients in it. When the source animal is not listed, as in what type of animal the meat comes from, you NEVER want to feed it to your pet.

Some of these unnamed ingredients to watch out for and avoid, that could potentially contain euthanized pets, dead zoo animals or roadkill include:

🚫 Animal Meat

🚫 Meat

🚫 Meat Meal

🚫 Animal Meal

🚫 Bone Meal

None of the above listed ingredients identify the source animal, which means they could literally be any type of "meat". These ingredients could be made up of roadkill, dead zoo animals, diseased farm animals and as this entire post has explained, euthanized pets. This applies to both food and treats! So be diligent when you're selecting your food and treats! 😡

We want to bring awareness to what is not only happening in the pet food industry, but literally happening in our very own province. Just because it's not something you hear about, doesn't mean you don't have to worry about it. It happens every day and as long as products containing these ingredients are continued to be purchased, the manufacturers will keep making them and our euthanized pets will still be seen as just another source of meat in the pet food industry. 😡

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