Eggs! The Superfood for Dogs & Cats

These little superfoods from Nature are an easy way to level up your pet's bowl for about a dime a day! 👍

Yesterday we asked if you knew what the most nutritious way was to serve your floof eggs! 🥁🥁🥁 Drumroll please....Soft Boiled Eggs are the best way to serve eggs to the furry guys! 😲 Who got it right? 🙋‍♀️

Here's why soft boiled is the most nutritious way 👇

Raw eggs are likely the easiest to serve and still provide a whopping punch of nutrition but research shows, when the white is just slightly cooked and the yolk is essentially raw, the nutrition the egg provides is totally amped up! 💪 As with anything we feed the furries, minimally heated options are always our best bet for preserving the nutrition within the food! That's why a gently cooked, soft boiled egg is the most nutritious way to serve eggs! 👍

Regardless of how your furry guy enjoys their egg, you know when serving eggs, you're levelling up your bowl and adding one of Nature's superfoods to help keep your furry guy healthy! 🥰


Don't throw those shells away! The eggshell membrane is actually Nature's perfect joint support for puppies and seniors as well as every floof in between! The eggshell membrane is loaded with:

🥚 Collagen

🥚 Glucosamine

🥚 Chondroitin

🥚 Hyaluronic Acid

Taking your eggshells and grinding them up into a powder to add to your pup's bowl is another fantastic way to improve your floof's overall health and specifically focus on their joints! 👍

So what are you waiting for! Celebrate National World Egg Day by whipping up some soft boiled eggs for your pup and pump up their nutrition! 💪

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