Easy Tips to Improve Your Pet's Diet in 2024

With a couple of days under our belt into the New Year we wanted to wish you a happy and healthy 2024 for both you and your furry family! 🥰

With the New Year upon us many folks look forward to a "New Year, New Me!" This can apply to our furry family too! We often hear from pet parents as they become more empowered and learn more about their furry family's nutrition that they want to overhaul the entire diet! Sometimes that can be overwhelming, so we figured a great way to kick off the New Year would be to give you some ideas on steps you can take to start improving your pet's diet! One step at a time...because gradual changes can add up to making a big difference in the health and happiness of your furry family! 🥰

If you're feeding a dry kibble diet, steps you can take to ensure you're feeding a quality dry diet include 👇

🐾 Be sure the dry food you're feeding starts with a named protein as the first ingredient

🐾 Be sure there are no added colours or dyes in the food

🐾 Be sure any added fruits or veggies are listed in your ingredients before the salt

🐾 Be sure your food is preserved naturally

Once you've confirmed you're feeding a quality dry pet food, you can choose any or all of these small steps to make your pet's diet even better! 👇

🐾 Add hydration! Kibble only provides 10% moisture and our furry guys need 70% moisture, so adding some sort of hydration like a bone broth or goat milk is an excellent addition to any bowl!

🐾 Rotate your proteins or provide a variety of proteins to ensure you are providing all of the essential amino acids our furry guys need to thrive! Cats and dogs require 22 amino acids to thrive. Different proteins offer different amino acids, so offering variety is a great way to ensure we're getting all of the essential amino acids into their diet! Plus, no one wants to eat the same thing everyday!

🐾 Replace 20% of your kibble with fresh, whole foods from your very own fridge! Choose healthy options that will improve you pet's diet like eggs, fruits, veggies, Greek yogurt, sardines or even some of your own raw, unseasoned meat to your pet's bowl to give them an added boost of nutrition!

🐾 Include less processed pet food options with your kibble. Incorporate a dehydrated food, freeze dried raw food or even raw food to the bowl to provide variety in proteins, food types and a variety of nutrients which allows you to easily improve your pet's diet!

Using any of these tips will help you improve your pet's diet! Each time you can incorporate a fresh option or less processed option into your pet's bowl, you are improving their diet and ultimately their health! So if you can make healthy adds to your pet's bowl once, twice or three times a week, you've improved their diet! Over time, you can start to make small steps to improve it daily! 🥰

So if you're looking at starting a New Year with a new approach to furry health, now you've got some easy to implement steps to get there!

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