Easy and Affordable Ways to Improve Your Pet’s Diet

With 80% of pet parents serving kibble, we promised you some affordable and easy ways to improve your pet’s diet regardless of what you’re serving, so here we go with our first tip! 👇

One of the most important things we should be incorporating into our pet’s diet, especially if we’re serving a dry diet, is hydration! ✅

Our cats and dogs require about 70% hydration in their diet. Dry diets provide no more than 10% moisture. This is especially important for kitties as they do not possess the same thirst sensation as other animals and rely on their diet for moisture. 🐈‍⬛

To get the biggest bang for your buck when adding hydration, we recommend adding bone broth to the diet! Not only do we instantly increase the hydration in the diet, we see a whole host of additional benefits! 👇

🦴 Improves skin and coat

🦴 Supports bones and joints

🦴 Detoxes the liver to reduce or eliminate tear stains

🦴 Increases nutrient absorption

🦴 Can repair leaky gut

🦴 Supports heart and nervous system

Bone broth can be bought or homemade! If you make your own bone broth, avoid adding salt and onions. 🚫🧅

If your floof prefers some yummy goat milk, adding goat milk is another easy way to add hydration to the diet! 🥛

You can also add a premium wet food to the diet to increase hydration. With kitties eating dry food, wet food should be offered every day as a portion of the diet! 🐱

Adding raw food to the diet is another option for increasing hydration. Raw food does not have to be all or nothing. Any raw food is better than no raw food! 🥩

Replacing 20% of a dry diet with fresh, whole foods will not only reduce the carbs in the diet, it is also a way to increase hydration! 🍉🥦🍍🥒

Ensuring your furry family always has access to fresh, clean water is critical to their health, increasing the hydration in their diet will automatically improve their diet! 💯

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